My wife and I bought land in Connecticut’s Litchfield County and built our second home together.

The land sloped away to the southwest and was mostly second-growth trees. The land had been fields not that many years ago so we had no qualms cutting down the scrub tress creating a long-distant view to the southwest with the focal point of Ten Mile Hill several miles in the distance. We had lived for many years in Katonah/Bedford, New York, in Rivendell where we raised our two younger children, but wanted to build a new house. We included almost everything we wanted and created a place where our grown children would gather. Kent enjoys access to miles of hiking trails – including the Appalachian Trail which passes less than a mile west of the town center.


There’s skiing within easy reach to the north. So unlike many people whose children are gone, we built a larger house than Rivendell and even included a pub in our basement.

John Milnes Baker's residential projects number well over five hundred. These cover the gamut of kitchen remodeling and small additions to houses over 7,000 square feet.
No matter the size of the project, the key ingredient is communication or, as John states, "The word, 'harmony,' comes from a Greek carpenter’s term meaning joinery or things meshing neatly together. Not only should there be a harmonious integration of all the parts of the house but also a harmonious relationship among the owners, architect, and the builder as well."